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December 6, 2008
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Windows7 RTM Aero theme for XP by sid-crafty Windows7 RTM Aero theme for XP by sid-crafty
This theme will work for only 1024x768 monitor resolution screens with the wallpaper in stretched position..... and if you want other resolution themes, please note it to me along with the resolution and i will publish it.

If you take any idea from this theme please give me the credit!!!

If you want to express your thanks, comment or fav it...
and if you want to keep updated to it, add me to your watchlist

What's new:
-all bugs fixed
-correct position of start orb
-new titlebar buttons(max,min,close,etc...)
-correct position of titlebar buttons
-new glossy start menu
-new caption frames
-new taskbar with blur and aero
-new shellstyle
-new show desktop image
-new taskbar buttons
-and many other changes, i can't count...

Details of Previews:
Top left corner-Explorer window
Top right corner-Start menu
Bottom left corner-Desktop
Bottom right corner-Vistart, BorderSkin, Styler and Viglance running...(Address bar cut due to the bug in BorderSkin

Vishal Gupta for his core theme, SevenVG
mazzard for his various suggestions.
peterrollar for his encouraging comments and his taskbar idea.
and many more.....

Now the impossible has been done possible!!!!!!
It is the most unique theme in the following ways

The first theme with the correct Taskbar!!!
The first theme with the same caption and toolbar background image!!!
Got the show dektop button on the extreme left(though it doesn't works)
The correct systray icons.
One line Systray icons
we have transparent taskbar for default win7 wallpaper...

Directions to use:

first you need to apply the vistavg or the sevenvg theme(everyone must be familiar with it) and then apply the Sid-Crafty 7 theme.
From properties -> Appearance -> Advances,
change the active window border to 5.

And now see the magic......

WOW! your OS is looking like Windows 7 ;-p

You should not take any image from my deviation or any idea like the caption bar WITHOUT MY PERMISSION
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